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Experience Inuyama in 2020

Special Deals

This program is currently being postponed.
Sale Period: April 1 to September 30, 2020
Usage Period: July 1 - September 30, 2020


Explore Inuyama Castle and an expansive area dedicated to Meiji-period architecture.

Inuyama City is a castle town in Aichi prefecture, around an hour north of Nagoya. Inuyama Castle sits on the banks of the Kiso River and dominates the Inuyama landscape. It was originally built in 1440 and is one of Japan's oldest castles. Visitors can explore the castle, then head to one of the main thoroughfares for tasty street food. Take the opportunity to dress in kimono and wander the atmospheric streets, and look out for heart-shaped ema–votive plaques that shrine and temple goers write their wishes on in the hope that the resident deity grants them.

Get into the spirit of the Meiji-period (1868-1912) by heading to the Meiji Mura museum. The facility is much more than a museum—it is an expansive outdoor area of Meiji-period buildings. The authentic Meiji-period architecture makes it a popular location for film crews shooting period dramas. The area is easily accessed from Nagoya Station by the Meitetsu railway and bus.


Get 2,020 yen off the Inuyama and Meiji Mura Mankitsu Ticket (part of the "Discover Central Japan" travel package) sold by Meitetsu World Travel Inc.

One-day free ticket for all Meitetsu lines & Gifu Bus (Between Inuyama Station Higashiguchi - Meiji Mura)
Meiji Mura admission ticket, Inuyama Castle admission ticket
Meitetsu coupon (discounts around the castle town)

Adults: 2,020 yen (reduced from 4,050)
Children: 2,000 yen (not eligible for discount)

How to get involved

Sale is limited to overseas visitors with a non-Japanese passport.
Sale is limited to advance purchase on the web.


Sale is limited to overseas visitors with a non-Japanese passport.
Sale is limited to advance purchase on the web.


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Meiji Mura, Inuyama Castle, Inuyama Castle Town

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Meitetsu World Travel Inc. Products Division, Inbound Department
Tel.: 052-307-0761
E-mail: inbound@mwt.co.jp
Languages Supported: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

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