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An epic eating adventure

From Kaiseki to Branded beef: sushi, sashimi and starred restaurants. Unbeatable and unique taste adventures await.


Japanese cuisine offers an exceptionally rich and rewarding eating experience. While sushi, wagyu beef and kaiseki cuisine need little introduction, no self-respecting foodie should miss out on street food like yakitori and ramen either. Perhaps the epitome of Japanese cuisine is the kaiseki food served at ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants). But the scope also includes numerous vegetarian varieties, river fish dishes, sushi, eel, tempura, soba, udon, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakiniku and more. Each region also has its own local specialties and culinary traditions in dishes unique to each area. Wherever you go and whatever you enjoy, why not accompany your meal with sake from a local brewery?

Vegans and vegetarians can also expect a feast of fine food choices.


A Gastronomic Journey in Nara




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