Shiraito Falls (Nagano) 白糸の滝

Shiraito Waterfall
Shiraito Waterfall

At the foot of Mt. Asama, nature provides another little surprise


As the name suggests, Shiraito Falls looks like little "white threads" that create a waterfall appearance.


On the very edge of Nagano and Gunma's border, Shiraito Falls is the product of melted snow from the top of Mt. Asama.

Quick Facts

Shiraito Falls is roughly 3 meters high and 70 meters wide

There is another Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka prefecture (from Mt Fuji) that has a similar appearance

The most popular time to visit is late October, coinciding with the autumn colors

How to Get There

Shiraito Falls is accessible by bus from Karuizawa Station.

If you come from Tokyo, Takasaki, or Nagano, you can take the shinkansen to Karuizawa Station. Then you can take the Kusakura Kotsu bus to "Shiraito no Taki" bus stop. The bus takes about 25 minutes to go and the fee is ¥710.

From the bus stop, you have a five-minute walk.

  • From Tokyo, Takasaki, or Nagano, take the shinkansen to Karuizawa Station
  • From Karuizawa Station, take the Kusakura Kotsu bus to "Shiraito no Taki" bus stop (25 minutes, ¥710)
  • From the bus stop, it is a five-minute walk

Where does the water come from?

When you see Shiraito Falls for the first time, you cannot help but wonder where the water is coming from. There is no tall waterfall above it, no river flowing into it. Instead, the water emerges from underground. So, even if there is a lot of rain the day before, the volume of water trickling down does not vary.

Unique beauty in the winter

Although the fall colors in October and November provide a picturesque backdrop, winter also provides unique beauty. From mid-December to March, the "white threads" freeze to form delicate icicles, giving the appearance of time standing still.




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